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SANLAN' Solenoid Valve Type BSV-1 is a specially designed 3-way capacity control solenoid valve for compressor. It is applicable for working media of refrigerant oil and fluorinated refrigerants.


The valve has three ports, at the base of the valve body. These are OIL IN, UNL and SUMP ports respectively. (Refer figure 1.)

OIL IN - Oil Inlet port, is connected to the compressor oil pump discharge. This is normally open port.
UNL - UNL is the middle and common port. Unloader power element is connected to this port. When the valve gets de-energized, oil pressure coming through the OIL IN port, is given to the power element through this port, which in turn loads the cylinder.
SUMP - Sump port is connected to the oil sump. This is normally closed port. When the valve gets energized to unload the cylinder, remaining oil from the unloader power element will be pushed back into the oil sump through this port.


Standard Coil Ratings: - 11W molded coil type AP100-1 with cable connection. Coil can be supplied with a wide choice for a.c. or d.c.

Maximum Opening Pressure Differential MOPD: - 21bar/300psig.

Safe Working Pressure SWP: - 35bar/500psig.

Net Weight: - 625gm.

Principles of Operation

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