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‘SANLAN' Solenoid Valve Type SVRF-3W is a specially designed 3-way capacity control solenoid valve for compressor. It is applicable for working media of fluorinated refrigerants.


The valve SVRF-3W has three ports, at the base of the valve body. These are IN, UNL and SUCTION ports respectively. (Refer figure 1.)

IN - This is normally closed port located at the central position of the valve body base. High-pressure gas from the discharge line is let in through this port, when the solenoid valve is energized.
UNL - UNL is the common port provided with a guide split pin for identification. High pressure or low-pressure refrigerant gas from the discharge or suction side of the compressor is given below the unloader piston through this port depending upon the solenoid valve condition.
SUCTION - This is normally open port connected to low-pressure suction side.


Standard Coil Ratings: - 17.5W molded coil type SVRA-GP with cable connection. Coil can be supplied with a wide choice for a.c. or d.c.

Maximum Opening Pressure Differential MOPD: - 25bar/350psig.

Safe Working Pressure SWP: - 28bar/400psig.

Net Weight: - 1.2 kg.

Principles of Operation

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