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‘SANLAN' discharge mufflers are specially designed to reduce noise due to gas pulsation's by allowing the gas to expand in the muffler chambers, smoothing out the flow. These mufflers are used for the working media of fluorinated refrigerants.


Because of the compressor action, gas-pulsations occur in the discharge line resulting in noise and vibrations. The noise may attain undesirable level if the discharge line is long. Mufflers have internal baffles designed for minimum pressure drop. These baffles change the velocity of the discharge gases passing through the muffler. This results in a dampening effect on high frequency sound waves in the gases on the high-speed compressors. This also irons out the pulsating waves in low speed compressors.

Mufflers will only remove noise due to discharge gas. If the noise is due to vibration of the compressors or lines, vibration eliminators should be added to the discharge lines and possible the suction lines.


Select a muffler with a connection size that matches or exceeds the line size of the discharge line. There are no tonnage ratings for mufflers, since the muffler will remove pulsations from the discharge regardless of flow. Kindly refer the following table to select the proper muffler as per the requirement.

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