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Internal Pressure Relief Valves


‘SANLAN' Straight Through Pressure Relief Valves are designed for installation on pressure vessels containing fluorinated refrigerants at temperature between – 40 F (-40 deg. C) and +225 F (+107 deg. C). These are installed for the purpose of preventing the pressure in the vessel from rising above a safe value when the vessel is exposed to excessive heat such as generated by fire.


Pressure relief Valve may be set at pressures up to, but not to exceed to design working pressure of the vessel. Where system conditions permit, it is recommended that the relief valve be set at the design working pressure of the vessel. To prevent relief valve discharge during normal system operation, it is desirable to have the design working pressure of the vessel and the relief valve setting 25% higher than the maximum operating pressure of the system. The discharge capacity required is based on the size of the vessel and the refrigerant used. The discharge capacity of relief valves varies with the pressure setting. The capacities of ‘SANLAN' pressure relief valves at various pressure settings are shown in the table.

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