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‘SANLAN' Filter Drier Shells are specially designed for liquid line application for working media of fluorinated refrigerants. Core blocks must be ordered separately from the filter drier shell. Standard 48 cu. in. size blocks of international companies like Sporlan, Danfoss, Alco or Castle can be used. They are supplied in individual packages, which are hermetically sealed in suitable wrappings and in specially bag for safe storage over long periods of time.


‘SANLAN' Filter Drier Shells are manufactured in steel. The side connections are made of copper in order to facilitate soldering to piping. Weldable type steel connections can be provided on special request.

The hollow cylinder shape offers a large surface area to the inflowing fluid, which crosses the block radially. As a result, dehydration is highly efficient with a minimum loss of charge.

In the case of filters with more than one block, the passage of the fluid takes place in parallel; as a result the pressure drop does not increase proportionately to the number of blocks. A large ring between the block and the inner surface of the filter permits the accumulation of solid particles, and prevents clogging.

Before leaving the filter, the refrigerant fluid must pass through the mesh sieve on which blocks are mounted. The danger of small particles of dehydrating material being introduced into the system is thus avoided.


Safe Working Pressure SWP : - 35 bar/500 psig.

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