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‘SANLAN' liquid line strainers OR filters with interchangeable strainer insert are used in lines carrying fluorinated refrigerants, oil and gas. These are a type of System Protectors because they remove harmful elements from the circulating refrigerant before serious damage results.


Solid particles or semi-solids such as sludges circulating in a refrigerant system can destroy valve seats, plug control valves and score cylinder walls or compressor bearings. These contaminants can be the result of manufacturing, servicing or can be generated during normal system. No matter how many precautions are taken during assembly and installation or servicing of a system, contaminants can find a way into the system.

Keeping the system clean and free of foreign contaminants that can restrict the operation of valves, block capillary tubes or damage compressors is the best way to assure trouble free operation. Liquid line strainers are designed to protect the system during operation. It is the function of this all-important unit to remove those residual elements that can attack and eventually destroy the system components. All ‘SANLAN' liquid line strainers are designed to trap and hold large quantities of these contaminants, as quickly as possible and preventing them from returning to the system.


Safe Working Pressure SWP : - 35 bars/500psig.

Strainer insert: -100-mesh stainless steel weave.*
The 100-mesh screen provides adequate straining with low-pressure drop.

*Mesh other than 100 available on special request.

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