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‘SANLAN' Pilot Solenoid Valve Type T-180 is a special type of 3-way solenoid valve used in place of large capacity solenoid valves for positive closing of liquid lines. T-180 is available for refrigerants 12,22,134a and 502 as a supplementary device to thermostatic expansion valves.

The Pilot Solenoid Valve Type T-180 does not directly close the liquid line, but acts on the thermostatic expansion valve, causing the expansion valve to close tightly or operate normally, depending on whether the solenoid valve is energized or de-energized.


The valve has three ports, with ¼” SAE external threading connections. These are IN, VALVE and SUCTION respectively which are marked accordingly.

IN – This is high-pressure liquid line Inlet port. This is normally open port.
VALVE – Valve port is the middle and common port. External equalizer of the thermostatic expansion valve is connected to this port.
SUCTION – Suction port , which should be connected to the suction line of the compressor, is at the bottom of the valve. This is normally closed port.


Standard Coil Ratings: -
15W molded coil type TKC-2 with cable connection. TKC-2 coil can be supplied with a wide choice for a.c. or d.c.

Maximum Opening Pressure Differential MOPD: - 21 bar/300psig.

Safe Working Pressure SWP: - 35bar/500psig.

Connections: - ¼”SAE Flare External

Net Weight: - 650gm.

Principles of Operation

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