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‘SANLAN' 2 way solenoid valves may be used primarily for refrigeration and air conditioning applications for working media of fluorinated refrigerants. In most refrigeration applications, in order to automatically control the flow of fluid in a system, it is necessary to be able to start or stop the flow in the refrigeration circuit. An electrically operated solenoid valve is usually used for this purpose. Its basic function is the same as a manually operated shutoff valve, but it can be positioned in remote locations, and may be conveniently controlled by simple electrical switches. Solenoid valves can be operated by a thermostatic switch (the most common in a refrigeration systems), float switches, low pressure switches, high pressure switches or any other device used for making or breaking an electrical circuit.


Solenoid valves are either direct acting or pilot operated. Type DVA3 valve is hermetic, direct acting type solenoid valve. All other solenoid valves are with pilot operated piston construction and are also suitable for suction line service because very low-pressure differential is required for full opening.


Standard Coil Ratings: - 240/50-60 Volts/Cycles molded coils with cable connections are supplied as standard. All solenoid coils are class ‘H' temperature rated. Coils can be supplied with wide choices for a.c. or d.c.

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